Saturday, 11 December 2010

My Last Valhalla - A Poem

I look at yonder old man smiling his last Valhalla.
Wonder whether he’ll try for one more victory,
Before bidding us an adieu befitting a Norse warrior!
But a tired smile has he, of a life well fought and battles won!

That old lady seems satiated with a life eventful enough!
She, along with her man smiles her last Valhalla.She
Will not fight another battle and a tired smile has she,
Of a veteran of many battles fought!

The old fascinate so, their faces full of wisdom,veterans
Of so many battles of life, and victories.But their
Smiles speak of tiredness and desire to bid farewell.
  Enough of battles, to the land of sleep go we!

They seem to tell me, the journey is long,
And the battles many and long
Drawn.For there is far to go
Before you reach oh
Your last Valhalla!

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