Friday, 3 December 2010

Some of my favourite Photographs:


Now don’t be surprised if I tell you that some of the best photographs are taken on the spur of the moment especially when you are least prepared for them! Photographs which are spontaneous are the best photographs because they have a story to tell which is natural, spontaneous and fresh! It is as if you were stating through your photographs that you like life fresh as it comes. I have a strong reason to believe that to be a good photographer you should also be a good poet, someone who appreciates life. It goes without saying that a photographer is also a chronicler who preserves some part of the past for posterity! As such, it can also be said that a photographer is doing service to the society and the nation!


So, then what does a photographer need, well the most important equipment is the photographer’s eye for the unusual, unusual expressions, unusual angles, striking colours, contrasts, shades, …etc. The list is endless!Then after the photographer’s eye comes the equipment. A Decent Camera, preferably with decent optics, a fast lens and and at least a decent sensor which has a capacity of ten mega-pixels! I however accept that today the mobile phone has better optics, and decent sensors, so, often the best photographs are not taken with a D-SLR, but with a humble mobile phone with three or more mega-pixels! If you do have a decent digital camera, then you need to also buy a good, sturdy Tripod. It is a good idea to have a tripod with a central hook to hang a brick or two to make it more steady!


Although, most of the exciting photographs are taken spontaneously, sometimes, you may have to plan the shot, especially, if you are taking a night shot of flowers like the ones below. They were taken with a Nikon-L100 digital camera:

 Flowers photographed at night (The First two are of Cactus flowers which blossom only at night)







As I said earlier, a decent mobile phone can also prove to be a potent tool in the hands of the discerning photographer with an eye for details. The photographs below were taken with a Nokia 6303 Classic Mobile phone, which has a 3.2 Mega-Pixel camera:

Hot Air Ballooning at Dhancheri Camp, Delhi-Gurgaon Border

  Image0680                  Image0679

 A Crystal tree on the occasion of Diwali, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon


 School Children having fun with Science




Flowers-a source of Joy and Inspiration

Image0380                  Image0383


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