Sunday, 17 July 2011

Kaboom-A Poem

The people rush down the road,eager to reach home.
A  young  mother   carries  pastries  for  her  little  one,
An older man, carrying  bundles of worry rushes home
Two girls, giggling and skipping carry purchases home!
A college boy lost in thoughts about a girl, walks home.

The world erupts suddenly, earth, flesh, iron, with a bang!
The  tableaux,  frozen  for  a  split , limbs, arms, all wrong,
Fixed in a grimace of pain and anguish of a life cut so short!
The scream rents the air of a thousand souls crying what
They  had done to deserve  such a rude and violent  end!

A thousand dreams cut short, pastries scattered, and
Romance brought short by a bang, a bomb placed by
A man so depressed, that he would cut short dreams of
Thousands, a man so  empty of emotion that he’d be an
Automaton controlled by others, becomes part of all of it!

The world wakes up ,
Moment later, more sad and grieved,
Wiser, but anguished.

This a world where
The innocent bear the brunt of hate,
Lives cut short!

The little child weeps on for a mother who will never
Come, the promise of pastries vaporised by a bang!
The dream of a lovely girl in college remains a dream.
The giggles of the girls  lost in  a moment  of cruelty!
This is  a world  ending not in a bang, but a whimper!

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  1. No it should not be seen as such. It is how we have become.