Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Lost Son-A poem

He sits alone waiting for a son lost to him. Sadness,
Written deep  on a  face,  wizened, with the weight
Of ages past. He would forgive him if only he’d ask!
But,  he, lost  to the  pleasures  of the world, forgets
One,  who   made  him,  waiting   for  him to  return!

The years pass, and the son  loses all to Lethe, a
Beggar in  tattered  rags.The victim, of torment, of
Those who mock  him! He becomes  the keeper of
Sows. Through Sadness  that  surrounds  him. A
Memory of one, who  fed him  the  feast of Kings!

He sets out on the journey of reconciliation, the road
Difficult, beset with rocks and thorns. The father waits
Still, for the lost lamb to return.Sighting him, whom he
He   loved, he is  filled  with Joy, and  orders  a feast!
The son falls into father’s arms weeping  repentance.

If only they had dropt their egos, wouldn’t they have
Come   to this, but a joyful re-union buries all wrongs!
But, only  to  say I am  sorry,  those  magical   words,
Would  have   buried hatchets sharp and cruel! Have
Repentance in your heart, and  sure he’ll forgive you!

So returned the lost lamb to  the fold of  warmth and joy!
To  do  so  required   strength    of will, and  courage - to
Bury ego  and  pride, to  be humble,  and  forgive. So, to
Return  to  the  fold ,  when  the  night   is  nigh, give  joy
Countless    to   the   one   lamb   that  strayed   at night!

To forgive requires courage and  understanding while
To return, to beg  forgiveness requires strongest will!
What greater treasure is there than to recover the lost
Seed, that was sown amongst the weeds, to gather to
The  fold, the   son that  was lost  and is now returned!

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