Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A Song for a Dream

I  dream a song of   birds that fly, in sky  so  blue, of
Air that brushes past  my cheeks, O, to sing
  My  dream   of   flight!  O’er    meadows  green,  with
Wings  so swift and  clouds  so  still…! O’er 
Seas   with  sailing  ships  that race,  each  other,
As they skip, o’er the waves like skipping ropes!

I dream a song of  birds that fly, in sky so blue, of
Hidden lands,a dream so sweet… of meadows
  Green and Swans so white! Where fairies fly,
And angels smile, a ball that bounces awn n’ awn!
I dream a song of golden hair, all so bright,
Of towers high and tears of love, of world so nice!

   Dedicated to my younger Daughter, Ekta

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