Sunday, 8 January 2012


 The seventh of January was part of a busy weekend for me as My Brother - In – Law from Ghaziabad, my Brother from Gurgaon, my Parents and family had arrived. After a short discussion we all decided to go on a brief outing. On enquiring from from some people in Yamuna Nagar, we were told that Dakh-Pathar  in District Dehradun would be an ideal place for an outing (Dakh-Pathar is about 75 Kilometres from Yamuna Nagar). Moreover, we were told that we would be passing through the Kaleshar Reserve Forest, and we would be able to see some migratory birds in the Wetlands of Assan.

While passing through the Kaleshar forest, we came across a lot of monkeys sitting on both sides of the road. This particular monkey seemed to be rather interested in the attention he was getting from me!

The trees, gentle curves , the steady climb, and the road lined with trees on both sides, meeting in the middle like a canopy were a welcome sight!

We proceeded towards the town of Paonta, where the well known Gurudwara Paonta-Saheb is situated.We were surprised to see a store under a well known retail chain found in the urban cities in the town of Paonta Saheb, and guess what? Everyone decided to barge into the store to buy, of all things, Deodorants and and Tee-Shirts!

DSCN7058             DSCN7071     
While everyone was busy shopping for stuff in the departmental store, I was busy snapping photographs of some kites sailing on the thermals!
DSCN7062                   DSCN7063

After leaving the town of Paonta Saheb, we proceeded to a spot called Duck View, a favourite resting spot for people travelling to Dehradun. If you are lucky, you might be able to see  Siberian Cranes and Ducks while you sip on your tea and bite into the patties at the restaurant. The place is generally called as the Assan Wetlands. It is home to a wide variety of birds both rare, and extinct and also a resting place for the so called migratory birds.
DSCN7128                   DSCN7085


DSCN7120                   DSCN7116

On the way to Dakh-Pathar we came across some wonderful mountain Scenery reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands!
After reaching the Dak-Pathar barrage, we were directed to a scenic picnic spot where we spent a couple of hours. Mussoorie, I was told is barely fifty-five kilometres from Dakh Pathar. The name Dakh-Pathar,  was given to the place because of the rocks that used to drop down  a waterfall. We bought our  entry tickets to the Park  and entered the park where we were greeted by statues, flower-beds, exotic flower, set against a back-drop of  amazing, eye-catching Mountain ranges!
DSCN7194   DSCN7202                  

In the park we were greeted by some geese and this little bird which seemed to have such a wonderful and a rather modern hair style!
Besides the birds, there were some rather exotic looking plants including some rather unique cactuses:

DSCN7206                                    DSCN7478

DSCN7486                   DSCN7483
DSCN7476                   DSCN7484
On the whole it had been quite a wonderful outing for all of us, especially since it was at a short notice, and it was not very far from my home in Yamuna Nagar. The scenic Beauty of the mountains, flora and fauna was a visual treat for all of us! Everyone felt so happy, especially since it had been a welcome change from the mad rush and confusion and chaos of Delhi, Ghaziabad, and Gurgaon!

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