Friday, 18 May 2012

Gurgaon, the city that never sleeps!

The once sleepy town of Gurgaon has come a long way from what it was once upon a time!there is no looking back for the Millennium City as Gurgaon is now referred to! What were once farmlands and covered with acacia trees and scrub have now come up with some of the most well designed buildings! Today Gurgaon looks particularly fascinating at night, what all those lights and neon signs. In fact, some of the advertisements come to life at night when the neon lights are switched on.

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It is amazing how this town which went off to sleep early now remains awake till late at night, what with street vendors continuing to sell their wares till late at night. Apparently, as more and more professionals work on late night shifts, especially in call centres, it seems as though pubs, fast food joints, and street stalls will continue to do brisk business. As it is, Gurgaon seems to be more peaceful at night because their is less of that mad rush that we have during the daytime, when their is hardly any space to walk!

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Of course the roads are still crowded with commuters zipping on to homes from places of work. There is always a great rush on the roads of Gurgaon even till late at night!



Gurgaon is also an entertainment hub with a large number of PVRs. or cinema halls, and of course you have the famous Kingdom of Dreams open theatre which hosted the famous play Zangoora! The hotels offer sumptuous buffets which include drinks. The visitor can gorge himself on the unlimited servings of Gourmet foods till dawn!

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From a sleepy town of many years back, Gurgaon has now become a city that never sleeps!

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No wonder with all the famous brands setting up show rooms here, it is clear that Gurgaon is the city to be in!
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  1. Really, Gurgaon is very luxurious & popular city among all cities in India. Gurgaon has developed well in the factors those are required for living high standard life-style. Many of projects come in Gurgaon city due to having more reputation, connectivity and luxury facility for residents. Different colors of shining lights seems like everyone gets up throughout night.
    There are many renowned builder such as Dlf, Ansal Group, M3M, Vatika Business Centre that help to Gurgaon to set up the notability on the way of success.