Friday, 25 May 2012

Sweet Dreams!

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While the whole world winds down to sleep,
A weary destitute mother begs for a few more coins.
Her two angels, weary lie down curled closed together
To share the sweet dreams offered by sweet merciful sleep!

On the foot-path in deep slumber they sleep while
People rush home to sleep in comfy beds in secure homes!
Some of them are weary after a busy day of slogging and pushing files,
While this mother and her two children are weary after a day of begging!

We thank our lucky stars that God gave us homes
To return to but we are also reminded of the destitute mother
And her two children who were not so lucky! So pray we to God,to
Give them Grace , that they might  wake up to a better, smiling tomorrow!

And so the whole world goes off to sleep,
Wealthy and  destitute, some in comfy beds, and
Others on foot-paths, all into sweet sweet  sleep lulled,
To forget their weariness by the kind, all encompassing night!

Though the day differentiates between the  wealthy
And destitute,  the coming of the merciful night  gives them all
A bountiful bouquet of sweet dreams  of a world of peace and plenty,
All brought together under one blanket of rest that all encompasses!

The destitute dream of a world where they are kings,
And the rich dream of expansions, takeovers, and profit!
They all, in their different ways are tied together by  one knot,
Bound by a night that doesn’t differentiate between rich and poor!

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