Thursday, 29 November 2012

Anil Kant Night at Gurgaon

It was a blessing and a great honor for us to have Pastor Anil Kant  with us today, the 29th. of November at the St.Crispin's school Gurgaon. The magic and the spiritual gift of music once again brought forth a moment of revival for all those present. Although the rain played spoil-sport, the people present were enthralled by the soulful music.  Also present on the occasion were the Bishop of the Diocese of Delhi, (Church of North India) Sunil K. Singh and Mr. Richard Khan who heads the Bible Society of India.
IMG_9791    IMG_9785
Reverend Sunil Ghazan, the Presbyter In Charge of the Epiphany Church of Gurgaon said the prayer at the beginning of the programme. The choir of the Epiphany Church of Gurgaon also sang a hymn on the occasion.
IMG_9782     IMG_9778
The ground was full and those who hungered for spiritual bread were numerous:
Some of the different moods of Pastor Anil Kant have been captured below: 
IMG_9820         IMG_9824

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