Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Lonely Journey of a Ras

The Ras’s journey was a long and mystical, full of surprises and Epiphanies. Revered by some as “Jani Ho” he is the Corner Stone of the Ras Tafarian movement. Two rather mystical incidents early in his life were his encounter with a Lion, and the death of a close friend. These were two defining moments which were to shape the direction which his life would take. The mystery of his death the manner of the  disposal of his remains, and the fate of the rest of the Royal Family continues to be a topic of much discussion and debate such as that of the last Tsar of Russia.

Astride  a  Horse, he  gazes at the distant horizon,
His  faithful sword  in a  scabbard  fastened to his
Waist, spear  held in his hand. His  round leather-
Satchel  filled with  the precious  bread, Ambasha,
Horn   topped   with   the   bitter-sweet  tej  to last!
Eagle eyes  hooded  against   the rising  Harar Sun,
Heart heavy with  the loss of his close friend,Tefari
Broods  about the  encounter  with the Lion, visions
Of the Lion of Judah spurring him on a long journey
To  lead  his    people  out  of   Abyssinian  darkness.
Addis, still a distant destination and a Cousin not in
Favour. But  heavy lies the burden  on shoulders so
Young,  parents  not   around,  all so alone!The lions
In  the bush  roar  their  prophecy  of a  new reign of
Prosperity, and  joy   for  a  nation  brought  to  light!
This poem is the result of my memories of what I once read in a discarded book which I once found in the library of the Arbaminch Comprehensive High School in Arbaminch where I studied till class nine. This book was about the early life of the Ras, and it had been discarded for condemnation because the country had turned towards Socialism and all material pertaining to the Ras was consigned to the flames!
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