Saturday, 13 July 2013

A day in the classroom-a poem

The door bangs open as the Head Nerd swaggers in,
A  silly smile  on  his  face,  centre of  gravity  all lost,
While greet him his, “friends” with sniggers as he falls
Into his chair.  Across  the  room  the  girl  throws her
Rolled up  pencil at  her beau, while  the others wink,
And nod their heads  knowingly!  The nerd  suddenly
Wakes up as if reminded of his hunger and then digs
Into his sandwich  which  Mom  had packed for him in
Hurry, but had forgotten to put an extra tissue to soak
Excess juices  dripping  down his chin! A scuffle, and
Then a  friend  grabs  at the  sandwich   which  flops
On the the ground  with sad resignation as the boys
Start guffawing  uncontrollably,  while the girls giggle
And shriek!  Another  boy  moves  in  jerks, his eyes
Turned  the  wrong way,  “He’s wired wrongly”  says
His Mom!  The Cross-eyed  boy moves around with
Sense of  disorientation, barks  out a few words and
Then he too flops down on to his chair exhausted by
His exertion! Another, a girl sits puzzled, holding her
Head in her hands  as  she stares at  the symbol  of
An  organic  molecule  in  her  notebook! Her friend
Talks  loudly  to  her friends and stands up to dance
A few dance steps, energy bursting to be released!
The two boys and a girl sit on the ground,discussing
An outing  they’ve  planned  for  the day, homework
Class work, projects  relegated to the  nethermost of
Their  priorities!  And  yet,  “this  is a  class  that  will
Spring  surprises”  in  the  board  exams  knocking
Off estimates  and  predictions of  scores like a ball
Scattering pins like wind scattering chaff into the air.

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