Sunday, 11 January 2015

Black Widow

Black Widow

A spider she certainly is not, but a woman with
A beauty that is deadly and enthralling, with
A sweet but deadly smile she'd entice; with
A web she'd trap a man to serve her needs!

So, after her man she convinced to kill and
Be killed, she escapes to a distant land
To bide her time in a lair dark dank and bland,
Nurturing her talons  and deadly beauty.

For the right time does she wait, for the one
To serve her well, till then she waits, the lone
One that licks her wounds from the one
Battle that left so many dead and hurt!

Thus she rests quietly, waiting for the moment,
To emerge from her hiding place-a moment
When she will befriend her beau a gent
With brawn but no wit to kill and be killed.

The Black widow she is and she waits to strike
At the world with a venom of hatred so like
The acid that melts the flesh into butter, to strike
At innocent humanity with a logic so twisted!

The Black widow she is but a spider she is not!
A beautiful woman she is but with tenderness not,
With hauntingly beautiful eyes to tie the victim in a knot,
Her first victim has she killed the next awaits his lot!

Beware of the one with hauntingly beautiful eyes,
And a smile so sweet, for an innocent plastic
Does cover a soul so dark, a person that led
Her prince to kill the innocent and be killed!

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