Sunday, 25 January 2015

Ode to a Woman

 Saw her
Smile a golden smile,
A smile so
Sweet, my heart 
Did skip!

A Smile so fresh my heart did drive -
The clouds so dark that brood so deep.
If only could  I trap her smiles,
But bottles will not last awhile!

But then,are smiles
Difficult to trap 
Except for poems
That last awhile!
 Do I
Write about
The one I saw, that
Kindled smiles with a heart
Of gold, with smile so pure that 
 Hearts did heal! A healing that'd shame
 The best, a woman she was  with a
Heart of gold, a princes fair and a person pure.
She stole my heart with a smile so bold,
With a smile so bold, and a heart of gold.
And I, the traveller do search for my heart and love!

              A heart of gold!                                              A smile so bold!
         A breath so fair.                                             Eyes so rare!
                   Drove the sad,                                              With sense so glad.
           Look for her where                                       I last saw her.
                         All that remains,                                            Is the smile that reigns
                     In a heart that pains,                                     For smile that gains
                        Of love that planes,                                     The thirst that maims.
                                For a smile I wait,                                        While the day does wane!                                                                                                                  

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