Sunday, 15 March 2015

A Book Release of 'When The Earth Shall Melt' written by Revd.Sunil Solomon Ghazan

It was a matter of great honour for me to be called to the lectern by Revd. Sunil Solomon Ghazan for the release of his book, When The Earth Shall Melt during the second service of the Epiphany Church on Sunday, the Fifteenth of March 2015.
The book itself is a description of the visions seen by Revd. Ghazan, and written almost entirely based on what was revealed to him. A book based on mankind’s impact on this Earth, in terms of environmental degradation, a total lack of spirituality and a life based on selfishness is bound to lead to the melting of the Earth. The melting of the Earth itself is not the end all of life on Earth, rather it marks the beginning of a new world order, a re-birth of life in a new way.
A book that has a title taken from 2 Peter 3:12, describes how the  irresponsible behaviour of mankind towards the environment, nature, one another and a total distancing from one’s maker will ultimately lead to dire consequences. While I wouldn’t really say that the book predicts Armageddon or end of life in the sense of some of the sensational movies based on a dramatic meteor strikes or polar shifts in magnetic fields, I would very strongly say that the author in the book has based his predictions  on what is already there in the Bible. What he has done is to state the obvious, if only mankind would take a pause from his hectic schedule and delve into the messages of wisdom contained in the Scriptures.
This is a book for all beliefs and faiths and not just any one particular faith. It is a book for the scientist discovering new secrets, it is for the statesman planning new policies, it is for the student studying the sensitive balance that exists between man and nature, it is for the leader of religious faith warning him not to mislead others from the true faith, it is also for the politician who intends to divide people on the basis of faith for his own benefit. The warning is, ‘Don’t do it lest the Earth should Melt!’

Note: The book, published by Partridge Publications is available on Amazon. For further information you can contact: or call: 000 800 1062 62

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