Saturday, 28 March 2015

Macro and extreme close-up photography

The secret behind good macro-photography lies in opening up the aperture as much as it will go, having a steady hand, perhaps using a tripod or a monopod, and yes getting close and personal, even if it means that you could be bitten by that nasty looking honey bee! You really don’t need a DSLR to get good quality Macro photographs, but then I guess having a DSLR makes good sense. To make photographing insects more interesting, focus on the eyes. For still life objects, focus on a point of interest. Another point of interest is that while composing your shot, follow the rule of thirds! Generally the focal point is not in the centre of the photograph, rather it leads you away  from the centre. The photographs pasted below are examples where the photographer has tried to follow these rules. Last but not least, there are times when you really can’t depend on automatic focus and you would have to shift to manual focus. This is because the Camera's sensor might not be getting enough contrast in the image and so might be focussing on a distant or nearby object, thus ruining an otherwise beautiful snap!
Photographs taken using a DSLR (Canon 1100D)

Extreme Close ups using a DSLR (Canon 1100D)


Macro and Extreme Close ups taken with a Non-DSLR Camera ( Olympus SP-600UZ) A Bridge Camera
Rodrick Rajive Lal
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