Tuesday, 28 April 2015

From The Edge of Grey

From the edge of grey does a beautiful
Thought come winging by, a seed of love,
With thought so pure, and intent so sweet,
Were it possible that out of the grey mess
Of malevolence and dark intent might
Spring a sprite so sweet
With gossamer
Wings that
Might be
Seen in the
Evening light?

Adriana, her would I call;
A gentle sprite that does waft over the Earth come from the edge of grey!
'Adriana, Adriana, my love and my heart, wherefore dost thou
Torture me with your sweet smiles and sweet songs
That strum the strings of my heart till I 
Vibrate with a frenzy that makes me sick?'
Sure will we surf the winds
Of change you and me,
And fly above the
Clouds of indifference
And venom of jealousy
And the desire to harm others.
Thus over the kingdoms that fight one another,
Over petty matters, like he proposed to her,
Or that she preferred to marry the one,
Or even that he and she belonged to different religions
Or that he was a gravitation while they were vegetarian!

Wherefore would that matter when I have you
And you have me?
Surely, we won't bother about what the world says,
Just let's make our own world
And let others wrangle about petty differences!
Thus over the kingdoms of night and day will we fly
Over temples and schools with clanging bells
While the thief flees the pursuing whistles,
A doctor to deliver a loud infant seeks
Amidst the cacophony of screaming hawkers
And angry cars, sure will we create a separate
World jealous though we may seem,
To lie in nature's lap and sip of the
Nectar till into deep sleep we fall in each other's arms!

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