Saturday, 4 April 2015

A Book Release of ‘When The Earth Shall Melt’ – at The YMCA, Greater Noida

Today on the fourth of April, 2015, Mr. Inderjit Lal, Board Member, New Delhi YMCA and Chairman, GNPC released the book, ‘When The Shall Melt’ written by Revd. Sunil Solomon Ghazan at the Greater Noida Programme Centre. Mr. Inderjeet Lal talked about the importance of caring for the environment and the need for giving due respect to each other as human beings. When I was asked to say a few words on the book, I spoke about how the book is a faithful recording of the visions seen by the writer and how it describes the impact of global warming and insensitivity to the environment aggravated by the drifting away of Mankind from the teachings of the scriptures. I also spoke about how the book never got published and that it took its due time to get through the whole process. Also covered in my talk was a description of the important role of self-publishing in today’s times. It being passion week we really couldn’t have too much of fanfare and celebration and I spoke as much as to suggest the same.


Mrs. Maya Lal in the top photograph and I in the lower photograph accompanied the author, Revd. Sunil Ghazan for the release. We had started at about seven in the morning in heavy rain and managed to reach Greater Noida well after a half past eight because of the water logging on the roads. However in spite of the inclement weather, it had become quite pleasant by the time we reached our destination. We were invited to partake of the Breakfast Fellowship after the book release.  Revd. Sunil Solomon Ghazan had also, incidentally been invited by the Greater Noida YMCA to deliver the message for the occasion, it being Easter Saturday. Also present was the new Secretary of the Noida Chapter, Mr. Rajive, Pastor Wilson Joseph and Pastor Sam Baby.

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