Thursday, 28 May 2015

At the conclusion of the three day summer camp workshop for children of The Church of The Epiphany, Civil Lines, Gurgaon

Yesterday (27/05/2015),  we were graced with the presence of Father, Dr.Monodeep Daniel of the Brotherhood of the Ascended Christ Church of North India, Diocese of Delhi on the conclusion of the three day summer workshop for the children of the Church of the Epiphany Church, Gurgaon.

The children who attended the three day summer workshop showcased their learning by reciting what they had learned during the three day event. This included and exhibition of artefacts created by them, and also stage presentations which included a recitation of the ten commandments,  choral presentations of hymns learned by them and also a description of what they had gained from the workshop.

Initiated by the Presbyter In Charge of the Church of The Epiphany, Revd. Sunil Solomon Ghazan, the workshop turned out to be a grand success with a large number of children turning up to participate in the event. Also present on the occasion were Mrs Helen Harrison, the Honourable Secretary of the Pastorate Committee, Ms. Edith Newton, the Honourable Cashier, Mr Sunil Masih, Mr Robin Moses, and I, members of the Pastorate Committee. Revd. Sudhir Rumalshah, Presbyter In charge of church at Jagadhri was also present.

Appreciating the achievements of the little children of the Church of The Epiphany,and their teachers, Brother Monodeep Daniel spoke about the need to connect learning with the wisdom provided by the Holy Spirit. He also talked about the need to develop important skills that would further life in the twenty-first century. Brother Monodeep Daniel also talked about the parents’ duty in furthering an all round educational development in their children.

The function on the concluding day of the three day summer camp workshop took place in the iconic old church building of the church.

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