Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Other Side of Love: Beyond a Shadow of Doubt – A glimpse into my forthcoming Novel

Love is special!. In its best form, it defies the ability of Science to analyse it. It is all in the heart and not the mind, so when it comes to shooting your beloved for the sake of saving the world, what would you do? It is said that even the powers in Heaven look down with pity when they see  a beautiful relationship ending in grief. But then wait - is it possible that there might be another solution to the whole issue? Is that when inspiration shows a way out?
The book is based on the typical "boy meets girl story," and it is all about the right Chemistry, but then, there are complications in the story. This is not a typical romance about two young people falling in love with each other, and then tying the knot in the presence of friends, family and relatives!
The nightmares are real, and the dangers loom high over two people. Is one of them hiding a secret about being half human and half alien? Is there a hidden plan behind this seemingly random meeting between two young people?
Set up in the context of modern day life in Delhi, “The Other Side of Love” will provide light reading for those who would like to take a welcome break from their hectic schedule. Written as a small book that will easily fit into one’s purse or college bag, the book can easily be taken out while travelling in the metro, and it can be read at one go or in bits.
I would like to give just a teaser about what the book is about as revealing too much about the book would spoil the surprises that the ‘twists in the tail’ (pun intended) should leave the reader pleasantly surprised! Also, there will be a surprise waiting inside the book for those willing to purchase the same when it is published soon.

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