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Formal Invitations for Grade twelve

Invitations, notes of regret and notes of acceptance are part of the short composition section of the higher order writing skills syllabus for grade twelve, English Core of the CBSE. Invitations may be one of the choices in question four of the Board paper including advertisements, posters, and notices.

Types of Invitations
Invitations can be of two types, namely formal invitations (like the ones that are printed on ornate and well designed cards) and informal invitations that can be written in the form of informal letters.

What are Invitations?
Invitations are formal or informal communications inviting people to attend various events. Formal invitations are sent out by schools, institutions, organisations for various functions like the School Annual Function or Fete, Inauguration of new building blocks, Computer Lab, Science Lab, New Multimedia Room, New office…etc. Some of the less formal invitations would be sent by individuals inviting friends, relatives, and important people to wedding celebrations, birthday celebrations, celebrations of wedding anniversaries, and even inauguration of shops. These invitations however can be drafted using a formal format besides being written as an informal letter.

One example of the institutional formal Invitation is given below:

Note: Mind your capitals, since much of what you write is in sentences, apart from headings, avoid using upper case. In such cases, adjectives and prepositions should not be capitalised! The Annual Day Function is in Capitals because it is an event!

One example of a family invitation in a formal format is given below:


What are Notes of Regret and Notes of Acceptance?
When someone is invited with such grace and is not able to attend the function, then decency requires the person to at least send a note of regret.

A note of regret for the first invitation given above can be drafted as under:

Sector 32, D-3
Vasant Kunj,                                                                                                                              
New Delhi

7 January, 2015

Respected Principal                                                                                                             
Mr. Ankur Garg regrets to state that he will not be able to attend the Annual Day Celebration of the Golden Lion Public school on the 25th of February due to some prior commitments. His best wishes are however with the organisers of the event, and the grand success of the event.

Regards and thanks                                                                                   

A note of acceptance for the second invitation may be drafted as under:
B-26, Sector 32,                                                                                                           Rohini                                                                                                           
New Delhi

20th January, 2016

Dear Mrs and Mr S.N.Gupta, Mrs and Mr. Rakesh Sinha are glad to accept the invitation to attend the wedding of Gauri with Sarthak on the 28th of January, 2016. They will be present on the occasion to give their blessing to the newlywed couple and lend any assistance should the need arise.

With best wishes                                                                                                            
Mrs and Mr Sinha
A few interesting questions for practice are given below:
1.Draft an invitation for the Annual Sports Day of your school on behalf of the Principal. Supply your own details.
a) Write notes of regret/acceptance for the same.
2.As the Director of Methodex Office Equipment and Furniture Suppliers Ltd, B-38, Nehru Place, New Delhi, draft an invitation for the employees and important guests to attend the annual foundation day of the firm.
A suggested answer is given below:

a) Write notes of regret/acceptance for the same.
3. You are Anil Kumar Singh, and you have just opened a gift shop, (Sweet Memories) at G-23, M-Block, Mukherjee Nagar, New Delhi. The inauguration for the same has been fixed for October 20, 2015, at the shop itself, and you would like the invitees to be present by  eleven in the morning. Also, gift items will be sold at highly discounted rates.
a) Write notes of regret/acceptance for the same.
A possible note of regret for the above invitation could be written as under:
D-56, A block
Ashok Vihar

6 July, 2015

Dear Mr Singh

Mr. Ashok Kumar regrets to state that he will not be able to attend the inauguration ceremony for the gift shop, Sweet Memories, on the 20th of October 2015 because of some urgent work that has cropped up, however, his best wishes are for the grand success of the gift shop. His blessings and prayers are with Mr Singh and his endeavour.

With best wishes
Mr A.K.
4. You are Ananya Sharma, on behalf of your sister, Anya Sharma, draft an invitation to invite friends, and relatives to your sister’s 16th birthday celebration on the 20th of July, 2016. Furnish your own details.
a) Write notes of regret/acceptance for the same
5. You are Avdesh Kumar and Meenakshi Gupta, both brother and sister. Frame an invitation to invite friends, and relatives to the silver jubilee wedding anniversary of your parents. Furnish your own details.
a) Write notes of regret/acceptance for the same.

Important Note:
Formal invitations are written in the third person narrative, although informal invitations might be written as informal letters.

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