Monday, 7 September 2015


Words are like building blocks that a structure create!
The right choice of words would a message create
Of images sharp and ideas clear, to remove blunders
That cause an embarrassment so sure!

Of verbs I know that actions describe, and nouns so
Dear that name my friends, adjectives so
Fair that define my friends and prepositions
So pat that make positions so clear!

The linkers I know that connect all I know, verbs and
Nouns and  sentences that flow, to remove the clutter and  bind
The structure that I make, for all to see! For I would not like
To ramble on, but to Convey message all so clear.

And to cement my words with dancing words,
I use participles  and gerunds
And play with past participles because
I would not like to end my action so!

 My prepositions I use so fans should hang from ceilings.
While I pour tea into my cup,  ideas I place in sentences
That glow, and so I dive into rules that confuse me so,
Thus, Will I walk a mile with you if it pleases you so

Of adjectives I know, that the red ball pleases you so,
For you are a good friend and I like you so!
And if a short lesson in rules would please you,
A lesson crisp I will share with you.

Modals I would give, as advice to help you,
For I dare not leave alone one so innocent like you,
For When in Rome you must obey the elders -
In Greece you ought to visit the Parthenon!

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