Friday, 7 October 2016

Dragonflies, a Grasshopper and a Kestrel

The greatest thrill about taking up photography as a hobby lies in being able to capture things one does not see in everyday life. Added to all this is that once you have taken your snaps, you can sit back and re-live the moment! Without saying more, allow me to present before you some of the photographs that I enjoy re-visting from time to time. Do have a look at them and leave a comment in the comment section!

Just hope the viewer enjoyed looking at these snaps. Each of the snaps tells a story, a story about how precious nature is and the need to preserve wildlife because it is priceless. All of these snaps were taken at the Sultanpur Bird Sancutuary close to Gurgaon. When I visited the bird sanctuary today along with my brothers, I was disappointed to see that we were the only visitors at the park. Moreover, there were fewer birds this time. I guess something must have happened to drive them away. Development, construction of residential buildings, a competition between different species, Asian Antelopes competing with Cattle, local varieties vying for space with migratory birds, shrinking spaces, and perhaps even climate change are responsible for the disappearance of migratory birds at the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary!

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