Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Are Computers Going to Replace Teachers? Just a thought

Are computers going to replace teachers? The teaching profession has undergone much change during the years. The advent of computers, digital technology and now A.I., have all fueled this change. Gone are the days when Gurus were Gurus and Eklavya gave his thumb to his Guru! The title Guru changed into Teacher and now Teacher is, Facilitator or even Supervisor! The role of the teacher has shifted from expert to facilitator, centre stage to side stage. Teachers are more expensive than computers, imagine, you could buy a computer every month for the salary that a teacher gets every month! All this change has been driven by the advent of computers into every sphere of life. Flipped classrooms, research methods, collaborative learning, online tests and surveys, like Socratic, for example, have proved the teacher is no longer the expert he once was, and he can be challenged at any time! I guess a time will soon come when computers and Artificial Intelligence will make it possible for schools to have half the number of teachers and yet run effectively! The teachers who remain will merely have a supervisory role and the work of ten teachers will be done by one supervisor/facilitator and computers. Students will have their personal computers and one facilitator will have five hundred students to supervise, thanks to the support given by A.I. and virtual classrooms. Students might not even need to come to school. There will be less traffic on the roads, you won't have to even run a school with electricity expenses, nor would you need to spend on infrastructure. This will be a sad state of affairs for a large number of teachers who do not take up the challenge of becoming future proof! They need to be well versed with the use of A.I. computers, LMS modules, ERP modules, infographics, Blogs and so on.

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