Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Save the Basai Wetlands of Gurgaon before it is too late!

The Basai Wetlands are slowly but surely being swallowed up by development that is taking place all around it. The last remaining Wetlands of Gurgaon, the area is home to quite many migratory birds. Just recently when I visited the place, I was surprised to see that it has more birds than the much-hyped Sultanpur National Park, a few kilometres away!

Located right opposite to the water treatment plant, a mere five kilometres from Gurgaon, the Basai Wetland is accessible through a very narrow lane on the right-hand side after you get off from the flyover adjacent to the water treatment plant. My favourite companion is a V-15 bike that comes on its own while riding on loose mud. Its wide tyres and comfortable stance will not let you slip.

In the years to come, the pictures that you are seeing in this blog post will be pictures only and few will remember having seen the spot-billed ducks, or the cormorants, or even the lapwings. The Haryana Government needs to do something urgently to preserve the flora and fauna of the Basai Wetlands. It is an unfortunate fact that unsustainable development, rampant clearing of forest lands, wetlands, and the destruction of the Aravali Mountain's ecosystem has cost us greatly. When these birds go, when all the wetlands go, then man too will have to go!

The kingfisher was seen fishing in the waters. It looks like there are a lot of fish in the wetlands and they are able to sustain a large number of water birds. At stake, therefore are not just the birds, migratory birds, but also the fish that dwell in the waters of the wetlands. I just hope that people wake up to the disaster that would take place if these remaining wetlands of Gurgaon were to be destroyed!

There are rumours on the grapevine that there are plans to create a waste treatment plant at the spot where the wetlands exist today. It is already a matter of concern that apparent apathy on the part of the administration combined with lack of educated awareness of the citizens things are falling apart. If only the common man, residents of Gurgaon could realise how valuable a treasure they have in the wetlands of Basai and how they could lose it forever, only then will something be done to save the wetlands! The destruction of the Basai Wetland will result in increased dust pollution in the area. Residents in that area will face a lot of problems should the wetland be destroyed. 

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