Saturday, 17 February 2018

Exclusive Snaps of Bar-Headed Geese Spotted at Basai Wetland

I was fortunate to catch up with a flock of Bar-Headed Geese that have taken up residence at the Basai Wetland, Gurgaon today. I had to reach their resting site early in the morning today. The sun was slightly better, but then not so good. Still, I did manage a few snaps that I am pasting below:

A solitary Bar-Headed Goose flies in the sky against a backdrop of buildings under construction.

Needless to say, these geese can be noisy at times, and of course, they argue a lot! I saw the same geese confront another goose trying to chase it away a few days back!

Bar-headed Geese congregate in large numbers, often settling down for the night on farmland. They seem to have a rather voracious diet and can often eat seeds and ripened cereals. In this case, the field did not have a crop standing on it, though, yes in the background, you will be able to see ears of wheat. Bar-headed geese take off into the air at the same time, often tossing and tumbling as if in panic. Once they are in the air at some height, their flight becomes rather graceful! Don't be misled by the snap below into thinking that bar-headed geese are poor flyers!

It would be a pity not to see these graceful birds in the years to come when all the water is drained out of the Basai Wetland in buildings and waste-treatment plants come up instead!

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