Sunday, 4 March 2018

Silver Dawn-A Poem

Stray fingers stretch into the sky, steel-skeleton structures,
Seeking warmth from the rising orb, fog and mist obscure
The morning air, and none to greet the rising sun! For
Where are they that  would stride or jog for cure or health
 In the morning air, but now hide from the Silver Dawn
That greets none but cold steel fingers of cell-phone towers?

The fresh air, the chirruping birds, the wetlands and forests
Are all gone like a dream rudely awakened, by the chink of
Golden, promises of development and progress! Alas! What
Have we done to our forests, and wetlands and fresh air?
Sold them out to corrupt officials and sick politicians who'd
Only want to line their own pockets despite their children's health!

The sun does rise in the morning, but none do greet it, people
Remain indoors, cowering beneath quilts and blankets breathing
Artificial, purified air, bottled air, tailor-made air, smelling of citrus
Fruits, or exotic flowers, that none do find in real life! A few, ashamed
To step outdoors for fear of being lynched for destroying the world cower
Indoors.  And all this while, the glorious sun does rise to greet none but:

Steel skeleton structures seeking warmth from the rising orb!

Alas! Those greedy officials and selfish politicians did sell off all our
Clean air and fresh water, and promises were thrown into the winds, in
The name of development, all they left us are concrete and steel atrocities
In the name of art, for development without care, is not but willful destruction Of resources! But then who'd sell air-purifiers and water-purifiers if not for
A Silver Dawn? They say it's good to have Silver Dawn to line the pockets of few!

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