Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Egrets and Weavers at the Basai Wetland

The Basai Wetland never ceases to surprise you each time you visit it! What if no one cares about it, nature has a way of gracing what will one day become yet another address in the real estate boom! While the authorities turn a blind eye to what might be one of the last treasure troves of Gurgaon, naturalists and birders keep visiting the wetland even as the water drains out and people continue to denude the Waterland of its fish. I have seen dead birds entangled in strings stretched between poles and yet our wildlife officials ignore this. However, a more pleasant image is provided by the Moorhen, Cattle Egrets and Streaked Weavers that throng the place long after the migratory birds have flown away.

Streaked Weavers abound in the Basai Wetland. The birds can be found flitting from tree to tree, often looking for food in the underbrush. In the above snap, the one with food in its beak was doing a flypast even as the one on the stalk of grass was looking on! I thought they were Munia birds, but then I guess I was wrong!

The Little Green Bee-eater is commonly found flying around, perched on tree branches and in this case one of the poles from which strings were attached. Bee-eaters are active little birds and they don't let you approach them from close. Thankfully, the zoom lens helped me get a snap of one. Bee-eaters eat insects when Bees are not around.

Egrets are graceful birds and they are equally graceful in flight! I was able to get a snap of one while it was wading in the water with a reflection thrown in! As long as there is water, these birds will keep visiting the wetland.

The Moorhen might be a common sight close to wetlands, lakes and ponds. The muted yet contrasting colours of this one made it a compelling subject. Moorhens are waders and they feed on insects, worms, grain and paddy. Generally found in pairs or flocks, this one decided to do a solo walk.

The Indian Pond Heron is a common sight at the Basai Wetland. It can be founding standing rather still on the ground in the bushes.

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