Saturday, 26 May 2018

Different Moods of A Bee Eater Pair at the Basai Wetland

I thought it was only human couples who have differences, but then, even birds have their differences. Strangely enough, when I visited the Basai Wetland today, I was in for a treat, especially since I was party to what I believed was a Bee Eater Bird Couple having differences. The mail of the two seemed to fly off only to return to his mate. Amazed at this display of affection and disagreement, I stood fast and waited to see the story unfold. It seemed amazing, no doubt. The photographs tell a story of a couple of Bee Eaters having a fight no doubt!

They seem to be having an argument and sure the Bee Eaters seem to have turned away from each other!

It seems they have reached an agreement! Their love for each other seems to be evident. They are together in everything, no doubt.

The distance seems to appear, one of the two birds seems to be in disagreement and is ready to fly away because of some argument. The message for us is that Bee Eaters too have their disagreements, to it is OK for us human beings to have disagreements!

Sometimes, things work out after an argument, but then I wonder if it is f
or appearance. We often want to show the world that all is well even when the cracks have appeared!

But then, this is what happens when you don't see eye to eye! You look away in disagreement, to tell the world that you have an issue.

It is when things go out of control that one of the two flies away. But then in most cases, this is just a scare, a threat.

After the flight, we come together to see if things can be mended. In many cases, it is about having one last try.

The loner is left all alone, waiting perhaps for her mate to return. In most cases, it is the one with the patients who wins the innings! Ultimately, these birds did get together, affirming that love does win in the end!

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