Sunday, 3 June 2018

Professional Development

This year instead of an outbound retreat we had a professional development session. In the P.D. session, we developed new skills besides worked on team-building skills, our vision for the future, and besides, lots of introspection and Yoga and fun activities. I was able to indulge my curiosity for 3-D printing and programming by opting for the Maker's Space 3-D printing and programming workshop on the first day of a four-day Professional Development session. Although I did not get to work on the 3-D Printer (since it would take a long time to create something on it) I was able to handle a 3-D pen to create a 3-D model of one of the symbolic Harry Potter Wands. In the next part of the session, we were exposed to the intricacies of programming on the Scratch App.

While it is true that we didn't go for an outbound closure before going off for the summer break, we did, however, have lots of fun in the school itself. It felt great to revive the child within with all kinds of games which included building a square with a rope even while being blindfolded.

That is a celebration of the team's success, so what if it looks like a square! Well, I did hold on to one corner of the rope, and trust me did not let go!

Of course, all play and no work makes me a dull person! Well, there was some serious work to be done, and, these were stolen moments in the midst of some heavy sessions on vision, soul-searching and introspection.

The blind-folded Zenga placing challenge had us in a sweat, especially since we did not want to let the team down.

Making an important point, Attinder strived to convince Manit Sir and Smriti Ma'am about how he felt about things. It feels really great to have topmost members of the Management sharing a platform with us. Very few organisations have such a culture!

Rita Ma'am did not mind lending a smile for the shutterbug even if it meant getting distracted for a moment.

A lot of serious discussions took place during the Professional Development Session, and surely we did formulate a policy document on a vision for the organisation.

But then, we did have a dance on the last day, and everyone set the dance floor alight, literally!

The hardworking policy framers drafted important documents even while the others worked on other things.

A brief glance at the shutterbug made for a much-needed break from the flickering flat-screen of the laptop!

This summarises what we had attempted to do!

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