Sunday, 2 May 2010

An Ode to a Sparrow

Today, while driving back home,
I saw a little boy in shorts and tee shirt
Carrying a cardboard box with holes cut into it!

The little boy living in me was curious,
And I drove close to the little boy,
Carrying a cardboard box so tenderly!

I peeped into the box,
and was surprised to see a little
Brown Sparrow lying on its back lifeless, dead!

I saw the little boy shake and tap the box to
Revive the brown sparrow, but the bird
Was far gone, dead of thirst or some other reason!

The sadness in the little boy,
Touched  me no less, but boys will be boys,
While one throws stones, the other shows tenderness!

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This is self composed poem of something I saw which touched me, and reminded me of the child I once was!

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