Saturday, 10 April 2010

Truck Art in India

While driving around on the roads of India, one comes across many interesting and pleasing sights, both Natural and Man-made. Among the Man-made are the large number of trucks that you come across on the highways. The trucks seem to be canvasses of art, and encyclopaedias of information. However, one finds the liberal over-use of English rather amusing! One can find grammatical errors, spelling errors, and semantic errors. One most common error can be found in the words cautioning motorists following the truck about the “ Pawar Breaks” that have been installed in the truck!. The new initiate on the roads of Delhi will no doubt be puzzled by the words, “ Pawar Breaks!” Our obsession for English transcends all barriers of Caste, Creed, Region, or Language! The Faux Pas found on the trucks are bound to make even the most melancholy of motorists laugh! The other day, while returning from IGI Airport, I found myself racking my brains to decipher what was written on the back of a truck! It exceeded all the Faux Pas I have ever Seen! Look for yourself and enjoy:

water late

I couldn’t resist taking a snap from my cell phone! I have come across the words, “ Better Late Than Never”, but the words, “Water Late Then Never” had me scratching my head in puzzlement! I think these errors have a character of their own and they should be appreciated for the smile or the laugh that they bring to you!

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  1. well in the order to showing off dat how good they are in English he did that

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