Sunday, 30 May 2010

Holy Trinity Church, Ghaziabad, U.P. Celebrated its 129th Foundation Day on the 30th of May 2010

The Holy Trinity Church, (C.N.I., Agra Diocese) Ghaziabad, celebrated its hundred and twenty-ninth foundation on the thirtieth of May - 2010, which was incidentally also the closest Sunday to Holy Trinity Day! The Presbyter in Charge, delivered a sermon to explain the meaning of “ The Trinity”. He compared the Trinity to Water which although one, has different physical qualities- solid liquid, and gaseous or the vapour. After the service,  Lunch was organized for the congregation, and after this, a Bhandara, or a charity lunch was organized for the underprivileged and the destitute outside the Church.

The Holy Trinity Church has a long history which goes back to the year 1881 when the foundation stone was laid. The church had been built for the British Railway officials who had a great need for a Church to offer prayers. According to the list of Presbyters put up in the Church, The first Presbyter in Charge, Revd.C.B.Webster Honel officiated from 1882 to 1907. The present Presbyter In Charge is Revd. Sushil Kumar.

The Church Building has an aesthetic beauty of its own and inspires awe and appreciation in the eyes of the viewer. The architecture is English in nature, and the building is in the form of the Anglican cross. The stained glass is very well executed and  in  good condition. I was really impressed by the up-keep and maintenance of this really beautiful building. I have every reason to believe that the Holy Trinity Church building of Ghaziabad is a priceless treasure, and it deserves the distinction of a National Heritage Monument!




DSCN1332 Stained Glass

Stained Glass Sky-light                                     DSCN1336

DSCN1338The Presbyter In Charge

A Birthday Cake is Cut on the occasion:

The Charity lunch included a refreshing sweetened  drink made of Rooh-Afza, milk, water , and Sugar, Pooris ( deep fried unleavened bread), Aloo ki Subzi ( a tasty treat of potatoes) and a sweet dish called Halwa.




I happened to be present on the occasion to help my Brother in Law, Mr. Naveen Peter in organizing the event.

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