Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Teacher, teacher, what do you make?

An unending debate rages off and on. A common opinion of most people is that people who fail to become CEOs. or Doctors or Engineers become teachers. Many look  at the teacher with sympathy, and an overbearing attitude. He is the one who couldn’t make it. They regard him  as a cranky, eccentric species! They know however, deep within their hearts that they cannot perform his duties  without having a total nervous breakdown! Parents find it difficult to handle even one child at home, so, how would they fare if they were to exchange places with the teacher who handles a class of forty-fifty lively, energetic, and fun loving children?


I am very sure that the hero-worship, the idolatry, and the fan following of hundreds of students is the teacher’s reward.  This, unfortunately is something the CEO will never achieve! The CEO only has rivals ready to take his seat!


To enthral a class of fifty for forty-five minutes, to make the lesson so interesting, to describe the abstruse principles of Quantum Physics, and Einstein’s Theory of relativity , these, are the skills of a teacher, skills the CEO will never develop! The teacher goes one step ahead of the parents. The parent may motivate his child to be a doctor, but it is the teacher who develops goals and ambitions  which are realistic and achievable.


Need I say more? Mr CEO, what do you make? The teacher makes Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, Great Thinkers, Policy Makers, but Mr CEO, what do you make? Money?




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  1. this is me ankit yadav i just want to place a comment on this topic is that if someone is not able to express his or her feelings then teacher also need to get step ahead