Saturday, 4 September 2010

Celebration of Teachers Day in Dhanpatmal Virmani Sr. Sec. School

Teachers Day was celebrated in the Dhanpatmal Virmani Sr. Sec School with the usual fervour and zest on the fourth of September. It was an occasion when the students were able to play the roles of their favourite teachers, and experience at first hand, what being a teacher feels like!  Sakshi of class XII-B reminded students about Dr. S.Radhakrishnan. This was followed by an introduction of the pupil-teachers. After this the student-teachers conducted assembly.The high point of the day was the taking of classes by the student teachers. Many student-teachers were of the opinion that it was difficult to be teachers and to teach, although it had been an exciting moment for them. Some felt that the responsibilities were too great, and it was difficult to handle students who were talkative, and naughty! Another student-teacher felt nervous the first time he went into the class room as a teacher. According to Ankit Yadav, “teachers have more guts than anyone!” Harsh Maan felt that,"teachers do more work in managing students”. Abhishek Rajan said,"now I understand how teachers manage students. It is a very tough task!” Rakesh Kumar, another student-teacher said, “As a teacher, I personally feel that a teacher is someone who gives you knowledge, but in a simple manner.” Komal, Varsha and Madhuri felt it was a tough job! Dolly, Rahul and Roshan commented that “it was exciting”. Anil Singh, whom I saw teaching the students most seriously stated, “It is the most responsible job in this world.” Another student, of class XII-A, who was not a teacher commented, “ It’s a perception of a student that someone is sitting with him every day”. Ketan Upreti  who is a student of class twelve stated, “teachers should be friendly  with students so that students could express and share their feelings and learn about life.” Since it was his last year in school, he felt that teaching was a process where students learn from teachers, and teachers also learn from their students.

















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