Thursday, 30 September 2010

An Indian Dream

 I Love my India, the land of enterprise,
A land of opportunities and surprise,
The scents of sweets, and incense 
Overwhelm your senses! And colours
Bright to dazzle your eyes! The sounds
Of the flute and the tabla enthral
You in the  richness of musical notes!
I Love my India, the land of sages.
A land of the mighty Ganges,
Weaving  tapestries of myriad cultures.
The majestic Himalayas, and profound
Valleys rich with colours of Saffron,
Greet you with a hearty smile,
Welcome to the land of spirituality!
I Love my India, the land of fruits,
A land of the mango which is
The king of all, and the seasons
Which are there to uplift your feelings!
Here you have the deserts and the snows,
The hot and the cold greet you alike,
So, come, try her, for she will give you riches!
For if she is the land of opportunities,
She  will give you the chance to succeed
In what you set your mind to. And if,
You have your ups and downs,
She will guide you to your destination,
For she is Bharat Mata, and  will
Care for you.
I Love my India for she is rich in
Spirit and mind, a land of culture
And poets and singers,
She will give you solace and happiness!
You may rest your head on her shoulders,
She’ll give you peace
Which you’ll look for in times of need!

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