Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Has the role of the teacher finally changed after the implementation of C.C.A?

After teaching English to eleventh and  twelfth for fourteen years, I was given a section of Ninth and Tenth two years back besides retaining one section of eleventh and twelfth respectively(now I have one section of ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth) . On teaching students of ninth and tenth, I noticed that  they had totally different requirements than students of  eleventh and twelfth! While the students of ninth and tenth are less mature, ( requiring more guidance) the students of eleventh and twelfth are more independent and mature! Thus, It has been a completely different experience to teach them!  To add to the confusion, last year, the continuous comprehensive assessment (C.C.A) scheme of evaluation was introduced during mid-term. This session,  the C.C.A. scheme was introduced from the beginning of the  itself!

The session began with a confused rush to implement the Formative Assessment I and Formative Assessment II. There were teachers subjecting students to a variety of tests, projects, recitation, written tests, reading fluency, for the three languages in classes ninth and tenth. Then, after the completion of F.A.II, there followed the  frenzied entry of data in various registers. The filling of multiple registers was taken with a fevered zeal! For the class teachers, there was the additional task of registering students with the C.B.S.E. For a teacher who had taught classes eleventh and twelfth for so many years, it was confusing to understand  whether the real function of a teacher is to teach, or to do clerical work! Somehow, the burden of recording data in multiple formats and multiple registers has somehow increased the burden on not only the class-teacher or home-room teacher but also the subject teacher! Very little time is available for teaching students, as most of the time is taken by assessments, and entry of data! If this is what the radical changes in the system of assessment brought about, then I won’t hesitate to argue that the previous system was better (at least there was less stress and pressure on both the learner and the teacher).The poor students have to undergo four Formative assessments along with two Summative assessments! Stressful isn't it?

It seems as though, teacher training programmes should now include training in data entry, besides teaching methodology. Thus it is not just your lesson planning, or brushing up of teaching skills that matters, but also your clerical skills. This is because the role of a teacher has become more of a clerk and less of a teacher! Unfortunately, the recent changes have increased the stress and confusion of the students. earlier they had to prepare for the terminals, now they have to be prepared for a battery of tests which can pop up any time! The teachers teaching classes ninth and tenth are a highly stressed lot what with having to record an endless stream of data, that too repetitively. This repetitive requirement of having to enter an endless stream of data requires the immense patience of a clerk. Unfortunately,  there is a chasm of difference between the abilities of a clerk, and the abilities of a teacher, they are poles apart. So then does it mean that the role, and the duty of a teacher has changed post C.C.A.?

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