Saturday, 27 November 2010

A Hundred things to do - A poem on teaching lessons of life

Today while teaching a class told I them,
“It is important to have a goal in life!To live
Without a goal in life,Is to be a drifter!
A drifter is a cloud at the mercy of the winds.

What a bad thing it is to be a drifter,
Therefore, should you prepare a hundred
Things to do before you die! “Good grief
  Said the students,there is yet time to make goals!”

“We have our whole lives before us,
Let us enjoy each other’s company!
It is yet our age to have fun and taste
The Spring of life,” and they continued joking!

And so I told them sadly, “time and tide
Wait for none.Beware, lest you should
Grow old and task yourself for not having
Made a list of hundred things to do in life!”

But the students heeded me not,
And  went on laughing and joking
And talking to each other! Looking at them
Was I reminded of a little boy much like them!

Thought I to myself, I would like to be an
Astronaut, to spear through the darkness of space.
I would like to be a scientist to study quarks.
A thinker would I be, to think new thoughts!

And so I began to think of hundred things to do
Before I died, and realised there was yet so
Much to do! Everyday brings new Hope,
New learning and new opportunities!

But how could I tell those boys and girls,
That time is precious and they should have aims
In life! But sad was I that they were too happy,
To make a list of hundred things!

And what of those students of mine?
Well, they were so engrossed in themselves
That they didn’t realise the class was over, and
The lesson taught! God be with them
Thought I with wonder!

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