Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Crossroads of Life

I stand before the crossroads of my life,

I was given an opportunity to lead and shine!

Dignity and respect, and popularity and fame,

Would all be mine! To serve my community

Would be one, to lead educators another!

What of those that I would leave behind?

Would that they be left unattended to fend

For themselves, With none to teach them?

For have I grown up teaching them,my reward,

  To see the sparkle of understanding in them!

No, shall I continue with what I do,

No,I don’t want fame or popularity in what I do!

Enough it is for me to guide and teach,

To see the light of reason,inspiration,

To have served and taught who couldn’t afford!

To be a child amongst children,  not leader amongst leaders,

Would suit me more! So, shall I turn from the crossroads,

Of my life, and be glad to return to them,

Who need me most! My work is my devotion,

To teach my love and  passion!

To be humble, but happy and loved,

Is better than be proud, not loved!

Therefore turn I my back on the crossroad of my life,

To remain where love and joy might be!

Not riches nor fame, but peace of mind need I!

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