Friday, 12 November 2010

Desert Dreams-A Poem

Today, driving to work in Delhi I was in a pensive mood,
Glancing at the kerb on the fly-over I saw discarded,
Objects that set my mind thinking.
They told a story that was sad and sorry!

Saw I a discarded letter, forlorn, flapping in the wind.
Did it tell of  rejection in love, a lover’s pleas falling on dead
Ears, a rejection, of unrequited love,
Of jilted love, of her setting eyes on greener pastures?

A broken bottle of beer did I see, which told
Of a discarded bottle, abandoned, past its use. Did
He drink from you and cast you aside to break,
Having satiated his thirst?

A broken helmet did I see which said
Of wound severe, and pain and head
Bleeding and injury serious!
Did you survive to tell others?

Next, did I see a compact disk Discarded,
Its shiny side upside, did
They fling you, being fully
Satiated by the ravishment on you?

They all told of the culture of use and throw,
Love which is  unfulfilled,
Of discarded relations,and abandonment,
Of life in the fast lane!

They told of broken dreams,
Unfulfilled goals,
Lost hope, and
Crashed dreams!

Welcome, join the fast life
In the fast lane,they said,
For we are the objects
In  a Desert ,
Where there are
No commitments,
And no strings attached!
For you are living in a Desert Land,
Of broken relations, and

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