Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Almaz-A Poem about an Ethiopian Princess

She Visits me in a dream, sweet Almaz.
A waft of exotic incense and the flash,
Of the white gabi she is wearing.
She smiles at me with teeth white as milk!

She wafts along the ground feet,
Lightly kissing the ground, her head held high,
Hair in a Shiruba, Queen Sheeba incarnate.
She is an Ethiopian Princess oh so exotic!

She is Almaz, the Diamond and oh, so precious,
Her skin golden-brown, burnished by the golden sun,
What thirteen months of Sunshine have given her,
A sparkle in her eyes, a touch of innocent mischief!

She is my Ethiopian Princess, sweet heart
Of my childhood, for she reminds of the
Exotic land where I was born,
She is my youth, my joy, my sweet Almaz!
She is a stately figure with a proud stance,
Her conduct majestic, a princess of the Land of Judah
A sharp thrill of excitement passes through me,
She is my Ethiopian Princess, my inspiration!

She is innocence incarnate, yet so wise,
A young girl, but so old, of the ancient land
Of Abyssinia, the land of Lucy and Omo, and,
She has seen the Eons that have passed away!

She is Almaz, the girl of my dreams, my inspiration,
Who belongs to the fountain of civilisation, so old,
In her eyes are hidden the secrets of our being, will
She not reveal the secret of our being?

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