Saturday, 15 January 2011

At the Dentist’s-A Poem

I went to the dentist in the evening,
Thinking there would be no one!
But, when I reached with someone,
There were many waiting!

Thought I to myself,
What, do I have to wait?
Sat I on the couch below the T.V.
Said the Doctor wait!

Root canal, filling, surgery,
Well you’ve got to pay,
And I said to her, I’ll pay!
So, sat I , I say!

The people on the other side,
Looked at me with curiosity,
Why was I there, did I need,
A root canal? No, that I did not need!

So I waited for her,
The lady opposite looked at me,
Was she flirting at me?
No, to pass time she looked at me!

Not bad, thought I, she went inside,
Doctor told her to come again,
The next day, to get a cap,
Doctor told my girl, you can have a root canal!

Ceramic, metal, metal and ceramic,
They'll cost you rupees two thousand,
Three thousand, four thousand!
Said I to her, go for four thousand!

While the operation was going on the tooth.
I tongued the cavity in my wisdom tooth.
Thought I, lucky am I that I’ve got all my teeth,
Save for one that too, my wisdom tooth!

So sat I and an old man came,
And I gave him my seat!
He said, no, I’m used to standing!
Said I to him, please sit!

So I sat, deep in my thoughts.
All the while, he was removing the
Nerve in my girl’s tooth!
Another girl came into the clinic!

She flirted with me, and I thought,
I don’t  mind waiting and watched cricket,
I waited and thought,
What do they do for what?

My girl came out,
All numb and  mumbling,
Thought I, I don’t mind waiting,
If nice girls come in, I’ll wait!

So, I decided I’ll go
With my girl the next time,
Sure, I’d like to look at the girls,
If they look at me, and watch cricket on t.v.!

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  1. that's a nice one.Keep up the good work.SIR :)