Sunday, 5 February 2012

Photographing a Pair of Owls

The other day, while in school, during the day off, I was called by my Senior who pointed out to a pair of owls basking in the sun while perched on the branch of one of the tallest trees in the school. They seemed to be so cute sitting there enjoying their afternoon siesta! I didn’t want to intrude (disturbing this happy couple seemed rude), but then I had to take a few shots of them! They seemed so much like a human couple enjoying a moment of togetherness, a moment of bliss, an image of matrimonial bliss.While one dosed off, the other remained watchful and alert! The gestures of affection for each other was evident in some of the photographs! Without saying more, I would like the viewer to look at some of the photographs that I took of this rather venerable couple, the symbol of togetherness, harmony, and compatibility, a message for all human beings!

“Sleep well dear, while I watch over you!”

                                                   “Hey, who’s that?”


 “Looks like he is taking a photograph with his camera!”

“Never mind!Sleep on Dear, for we have to hunt at night! Good Night, oops, good day, sweet dreams!”

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