Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A walk on the Path of Life-A Poem

I take a walk on the  path of life,
The morning still with all asleep!
My silent foot falls all the way,
While dogs lie curled and leaves don’t turn!

The cold wind blows, a silent whisper,
Of things to be and things long past.
For none may be to share your walk,
But a cold cold Morn where leaves don’t turn!

I draw my collar close to me, a cold-cold
Wind draws a shiver,  my silent foot falls
All the way! Nor friend nor foe greet me by,
As I walk the  path of life!

The pregnant stillness of Morn clamps down,
A world asleep with dreams a-piece!
For comfort be where togetherness be,
While dogs lie curled and leaves don’t turn,

Sometimes they greet you with miles of smiles,
But sneer at you once they’re done,
Hungry wolves out for kill, wait with baited breath,
While silent foot falls pass them by!

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