Saturday, 25 February 2012

An Indian Bride

 She sits with head bowed ,
A bashful bride,a princess fair,
Hennaed hands with bangles fair,
With Red and White and silver  shine!
Pearls of tears  down a face so fair
Adorn an angel oh so fair!

As parents shed tears so free,
The groom’s friends dance, with joy and glee,
So she sits with hennaed hands,
A bashful bride, a princess fair!
A winsome face that fills with joy,
The heart of one so full of pride!

A bashful glance she casts towards,
A groom so fair, so filled with pride,
With hennaed hands and bangles fair,
A treasure-trove for a groom so fair,
While parents shed their tears so free,
Of life to end and life to start!

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