Sunday, 9 December 2012

Dedication ceremony of a Church in Deorala, District Meerut

My brother in law called me up on the sixth of December  and reminded me about the impending inauguration of the St. Peter’s Church in Deorala which was to take place the next day. Incidentally in 1969, his maternal grandfather had constructed the same. The trip from Ghaziabad took us about two hours and we reached just in time to view the ribbon cutting ceremony taking place. Incidentally, the ribbon was cut by the Secretary of the Church of North India, Agra Diocese, Dr. Revd. P.P. Habil. Dr. S.P. Singh, Director of Evangelism was also present on the occasion. The Church when we entered it appeared to have been renovated, neat and tidy little church, and all credit would go to the Evangelist, D.P.Malaywar.
IMG_0053       IMG_0055
In the above snap you can see Dr.Revd.        In the above snap you can see Dr.S.P.Singh
P.P.Habil, Secretary Agra Diocese                  Director of Evangelism
IMG_0062              IMG_0065
Those present included residents from                My Brother in Law, Mr. Peter, his wife,
Different communities!                                          Mrs. Jyoti Peter, and Nidhi Lal
Who would have thought that the vision of a Priest in a small town of Deorala and his effort in building a chapel would result in its becoming a  dedicated Church albeit 43  years on! The Church today stands as a testimony to the efforts of Revd. P.K.Singh. Evangelism is not dead, and that this is so is proved by the efforts of Evangelist, Mr. D.P. Malaywar.
Evangelist, D.P. Malaywar

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