Friday, 28 December 2012

Dhanpatmal Virmani School ; Down Memory Lane year-2003

While going through some CDs. in my collection I came across some photographs which rekindled some memories of the days when I taught in that school.
The Annual Day function which took place on the seventh of February, 2004 was special, because the skit was based on the Freedom Struggle, and it also included patriotic songs from the film Rang de Basanti. recognizable in the photograph are Devpal Singh and Nikhil who is now a Physical Education Instructor.
In those days the School was a boys school, and so dressing like girls was challenging. Gaurav Doonga was an accomplished dancer and he is in the yellow dress.
This snap taken on the 28th. of November 2003, is of students who contributed the most to an organisation providing relief to Cancer patients.On the extreme left is Dr.Dharambir Singh, the present Principal of the school, and on the far right is Mr. Rattan Lal, now retired from the post of Librarian.
On the 27th. of September, 2003, the Delhi Government launched a cleanliness drive in the locality of the school and the students participated wholeheartedly in the drive.
Picnic to Oysters
3rd August 2003 was the day a picnic to Oysters, in the premises of what was once Appu Ghar was organised, an sure enough, the students had great fun! Appu Ghar and Oysters in Delhi used to be the favoured picnic spots for students studying in various schools in the capital.
Posing in this photograph is the team of students selected to play the roles of teachers on the occasion of teachers’ day, Fifth of September-2003.
It was a hot hot day on the 27th. of August, 2003 and the water supply had failed so a water tanker had to be called. Students rushed to the water tanker to fill their water bottles!
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