Friday, 14 December 2012

On preparing to be an Engineer or a Doctor

My Dream of fairies and angels is rudely shorn,
When Mom wakes me six in the morn!
Quick bath, gobbled meal and off to bus.
At school, a dreary class awaits ‘cause I’m tired!
So do I ignore my teacher and my class
For lessons so crass on ears so full!
For when do I get the time to relax?
My dear parents want a great Physician out of me,
So  coaching it is  four to eight! Marathon classes me
Kill  so! Back to home stumbling and staggering do
Reach to have a quick meal and do my work!
Alas fall I, off to sleep all my work scattered around!
So have I suffered breakdowns sere,
For mine parents insist  that Doctor or engineer I would  be!
So give me a life of joy and fun  to be,
But when do I get the time of a child to be?
To dream of fairies and angels and flowers so fair,
To join my friends who laugh and talk of things  so rare.
Time does pass but I know it not,
Lost am I in competitions sere, so do I search far ‘n
Wide so to find the child I’d be.
Forced am I into the adult world of competitions so harsh,
To find my my class so dreary and crass!
For am I so tired, so down,
While I search for the child I’d be!
Alas  drop I off to sleep, while the theorems do haunt  me so!
In my dreams   see I  lessons so harsh, which do
Me burn oh so Sad!
This poem is dedicated to one of my students a nice sweet girl whom anxious have I seen!

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