Wednesday, 3 April 2013

“Behind everything in life a purpose be!”

Behind everything in life a purpose be,
As success sweet shadows  harsh defeat ,
And Spring follows Autumn drear.

A moment of hardship trains you well,
To face doubtful times with laurels so sure!
  Oh, to  lay weary heads in restful sleep!

Behind everything in life a purpose be,
But question not the testing times,
And savour most the coming joy!

A moment of doubt salutes
A moment so clear, as the sweet stream
Greets the  thirsty traveler!

So they say,  valleys do greet mountains so sheer,
As feasts do greet travellers that hunger,
And sweet sleep awaits those that tire!

Behind every thing in life a purpose be!
So the thorns of roses speak of what could be,
For a life without thorns would be a life not lived!

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