Thursday, 4 April 2013

Some poetic lines written on a desk by a lovelorn student of class eight!

Once while doing the rounds of a class which once housed students of class eight, I came across some graffiti written on a highly decorated desk top. The depth of emotions and feelings expressed by this anonymous writer struck me, and I very strongly believed that I should share the feelings expressed in  the space of a narrow desk! Creativity should be recognised and shared with all humanity!
The first Graffiti reads:

Love of my life, you hurt me!
You have stolen my heart,
And desert(ed) me. (Apologies for the Grammar!)
Love of my life,
Can’t you see,
Bring it back,
Bring it back!
Don’t take it away from me.

If indeed Queen had written these words, then sure he has one great follower, doesn’t he? But then wait, there is more to come! The next poem reads:

Wait a minute, I am passing out,
Win or lose,
Far more shocking than anything
I ever knew!
How about you?
Ten more reasons why I need
Somebody new.
Just like you.
Far more shocking than anything,
I ever knew right on cue,
Can’t stop by the way!
But then wait, there’s more to come:

Without you,
Without your everything falls apart,
Without your,
It’s not much fun picking up the pieces,
You are the perfect drug,
And I want you!
Nine Inch Nails

But then the exuberance goes on in the pouring of a lovelorn eighth class student:

She says we gotta hold on,
To what we got,
It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not,
We got each other,
And that’s a lot for love!
We’ll give it a shot,
O’ halfway there!
O! living on a prayer,
Now and then when I see her,
It takes me back to her face,
It takes far too long to that special place,
I’d probably break down and cry!

Sweet child O! mine-
Guns and Roses

Such exuberance and such pathos, it is amazing, especially in a student of class eight! If he has such a memory and is able to write such poetic lines, it is worth appreciation!

A Note of Caution: Desks are not meant to be written on! you never know who might be watching. There are better mediums for creative writing, you could write your thoughts in a diary, or for that effect even write a blog.

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