Thursday, 18 April 2013

What is it that makes Malls a big hit among shoppers in the face of Economic slow-down?

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The romantic ambience of this mall makes it a big hit in Gurgaon!
The number’s game is a deciding factor in favour of the success of any mall in India. Similarly, the numbers game also depends on the kind of retail outlets that are housed in the Mall. The Ambiance Mall which opened in 2007 in Gurgaon has about one kilometre of shopping space on each floor. Today, some of the more successful Malls and retail outlets are going for expansion, while others are consolidating their assets.
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Offers Galore makes this mall in Ghaziabad an attractive option for customers!
This brings us to the paradox that although the economy is slowing down, the retail sector is thriving. Does this spell prosperity for Malls? How is it then that Malls and retail outlets are able to maintain a decent footfall? I guess one of the reason why some Malls and Retail outlets are able to do good business because they offer the customer a complete experience! Once the customer reaches his favourite retail outlet in a Mall, he is pampered with a choice of products, attractive offers, and discounts, add to this the comfortable ambience of the outlet with Air-conditioning and pleasant staff. So, under one roof you can purchase almost everything, ( Well except a rocket!) food stuff, clothing, electronics, and toiletry. After you have done with shopping, you can grab a snack and drink on the go! After you have completed your shopping and snacks, you might decide to go for a movie.
The quality of retail outlets helps this mall in Gurgaon attract a good footfall!
The future, it seems is in favour of the larger Malls and the larger retail outlets which can offer the customer a “complete experience.” This is perhaps the secret-the ability to offer a diverse experience guaranteed help him get rid of stress and the tension of a week of hard work. This package of shopping snacking and entertainment is bound to attract a good foot-fall. In the initial days when Malls came up in Gurgaon, there was great craze and curiosity among the residents. In those days the high foot fall rate was because of the curious people who were less interested in shopping. After the year 2009 however things changed with the impact of economic slowdown-the impact of the Lehman fiasco. The period after the year 2009 has seen a decline of the curious window shoppers and and increase in the number of serious shoppers who know what they are doing in a retail outlet in a Mall.
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The ambiance and decor during festivals makes this mall in Gurgaon a magnet for customers!
When Malls and retail outlets appeared on the scene in the NCR region of Delhi in the period from 2005 to 2009, a large number of retail outlets appeared on the scene the names of which have disappeared from the collective memories of  people. Subhiksha appeared on the scene and then disappeared swiftly. Arcus, another well known retail outlet was known to have been doing quite well but then shut down shop a couple of months after shifting to a new location on M.G. road. The reason given at that time was inability to pay the rent of the new premises. A number of retail outlets came up on the New Railway Road in Gurgaon but then soon shut down. The initial craze of shopping at these retail outlets had somehow worn out. I saw how these retail outlets, after a period of time partitioned off the space to almost half of what they had when they had opened.

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Gimmicks and creativity pleases customers at this retail outlet in Gurgaon!
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The offers and the number of retail outlets determines the success of this Mall in Gurgaon!
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This Mall on Chaudhary More, Ghaziabad gets a good footfall because of the retail outlets that are housed in it. Finally,it is what the Malls and the retail outlets have to offer as the "ultimate shopping experience" that matters!
Offers, gimmicks, and a plethora of retail outlets are guaranteed to make the shopping experience second to none. Customers want a complete experience when they visit a mall. Shopping, enjoying snacks, and watching movies complements the shopping experience. This Mall at the Chaudhary More in Ghaziabad also offers a unique 5-D movie experience for its customers  for a mere Rs. 100/-!

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